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I am a research consultant and content creation partner. I work with researchers and nonprofits to extract qualitative data, tie key themes from the data to broader social issues, and tell a story with a social justice focus.



  • Consulting on recruitment of participants from marginalized communities

  • Consulting on community-based research strategies and partnerships with nonprofit organizations

  • Assisting with ethnographic data collection and in-depth interviewing

  • Transcribing interviews and coding interview transcripts

  • Finding patterns in data and formulating thematic frameworks

  • Preparing articles for publication

  • Editing dissertations for grad students


  • Creating compelling written documents, including research reports, training guides, leaflets, one-pagers, and briefing documents

  • Consulting on effective project monitoring and data collection

  • Consulting on developing effective partnerships with researchers and policy makers

  • Providing staff training in effective data collection and analysis

  • Conducting external project evaluation


My work at the intersection of academia and nonprofit advocacy began with an interest in migrant communities’ access to public services. I conducted PhD research on Roma migrants’ interactions within the UK healthcare system, partnering with Roma community organizations to establish meaningful contact with potential participants in my research. (For a more detailed description of my organizational partnerships, see here.)


Over time these partnerships grew into a job coordinating the Roma Support Group’s Mental Health Advocacy Project, in which I acted as an intermediary between Roma community members and health professionals. I provided direct assistance to individuals facing barriers to health care access, facilitated health awareness sessions for community members, and provided Roma cultural awareness training to hundreds of health professionals across London.


I concurrently gathered and analyzed data for my PhD, compiling evidence from ethnographic fieldnotes and in-depth interviews into a look at Roma individuals’ experiences of accessing health and benefits systems. Utilizing narrative analysis techniques, I presented hard-hitting individual stories of internalized racism and institutional racism – all set against the volatile political backdrop of pre-Brexit Britain. 

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